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Steve Freides

Flexible Steel Instructor Specialists
Work Ridgewood NJ United States Work Phone: 2016120041 Website: Short video clip of lifting a dumbbell from a suspended split at a USAWA meet Website: Split photos

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Steve has been a Flexible Steel Instructor since 2014. As he recovered from a back debilitating back injury that left him bed-ridden for 2 months and walking with a limp for over a year, he quickly learned the future health of his back depended on his mastery of both strength and flexibility.  Steve went on to set multiple state, national and world records across multiple federations in the dead-lift while also learning to perform a suspended side split.

Steve’s careers have not been in athletics but in music and computers.

An active performing musician and a private music teacher, he also serves as StrongFirst’s Director of Community Engagement and Administrator of the StrongFirst Community Forum.

Steve thinks everyone interested in taking the best care of their bodies and their minds should become Flexible Steel.

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There are currently 3 levels of Flexible Steel Instructors:

Level I Instructor – Has demonstrated a high proficiency in the essentials of the Flexible Steel system and shown an ability to effectively teach others.  To find an instructor in your area, click on the country name.

Level II Instructor –  Have received further training in Flexible Steel system specialties and advanced curriculum.  To find an instructor in your area, click on the country name.

Instructor Specialists – Hand picked experts tasked with Teaching and Leading the Flexible Steel Instructor Certification.  They are all kettlebell experts, have an FMS background and most are martial arts experts as well.  Be confident you are in great hands with these professionals.