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Piotr Kowalik

Flexible Steel Instructor Specialists
Work Poland

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The founder and manager of the Sports Centre and School of Martial Arts “IRBIS” in Krakow. The coach and trainer of gold medalists in the Polish Wushu Championships.

The instructor of Flexible Steel Lv2 and StrongFirst SFG1, who can share his expertise with passion during training sessions in the Kettlebell Centre Krakow and during all the other trainings in Krakow and all around Poland. Apart from teaching how to build strength and flexibility based on such tools as kettlebells, he teaches Chinese Martial Arts – Kung Fu that he has been practicing since a child.

He started the training of Chinese martial arts in 1991. For years he has been one of the most title-winning Kung Fu (Wushu) competitors in Poland. He teaches both traditional and sports varieties. He holds the title of the World Champion won at the World Championships in 2004 in Chile and in 2006 in China.

He was awarded with the Prize of the Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Poland for winning gold and silver medals at the World Traditional Wushu Competitions in China in 2010. He was awarded with a prestigious title of the “Best Competitor of 2006” by the American Federation of Chinese Kuoshu in Baltimore, USA.

“The motto of StrongFirst – Honor, Loyalty and Respect – accompanies me in the trainings with kettlebell as it was dear to me already in the martial arts trainings. During my training sessions, I value the safety of participants and their comprehensive development most but they are as important to me as the values that help me create a wonderful community of people who train with me.”

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