Flexible Steel is a comprehensive training system with the main focus to become both strong and flexible in perfect balance.  The Flexible Steel system is for everyone.  All ages and ability can benefit and regain the strength and flexibility of youth.  Trainers, you too will benefit from the Flexible Steel system.  Show ​your ​students ​instant ​plateau ​shattering ​results ​in ​both ​strength ​and ​flexibility. The Flexible Steel system borrows many ideas from other training modalities and seamlessly puts them into a logical, progressive order.

“Get more reach for your strength and more strength for your reach” Alexey Senart, Flexible Steel Instructor – Paris, France

Feel the Power!  Experience the Results!

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A perfect balance. Be both strong and flexible. Become Flexible Steel!

Flexible Steel International

17 hours 59 minutes ago

Got tight shoulders? Flexible Steel expert, Woo-chae Yoon has a great drill and a cool tip for you!


Flexible Steel International

Flexible Steel International

1 day 16 hours ago

Chicago Flexible Steel Instructor Cert. Join us and become Strong and Flexible at the same time. You have nothing to lose but your limitations! www.flexiblesteel.com/event/

Flexible Steel International

Flexible Steel International

2 days 50 minutes ago

Start with fundamental movements and you’ll see how much there is to be achieved.

Build your flexibility and mobility with diligence. Make them stronger and discover new possibilities in your training.

Join us during Flexible Steel certification and learn foolproof methods to quickly achieve your goals.

Flexible Steel International

Flexible Steel International

4 days 20 minutes ago

We all know that good and rational training is the most important ingredient of health and prowess. But what is the standpoint of scientists in this topic? Why should we stretch? Why should we train a few times per week? What can be the cause of chronic lumbar pain? What is fascia and how does it work?

If you are interested in scientific explanation of what is hidden under Flexible Steel training, follow our recommendation and watch the documentary below:

LINK: youtu.be/bWU_DnC9t4I



Flexible Steel International

Flexible Steel International

1 week 23 hours ago

Our goal is to keep balance between strength and flexibility.

Join us in 2020
Flexible Steel Korea - February 23
Register here: bit.ly/2tL10k7

Flexible Steel Taiwan - March 7
Register here: bit.ly/2FyWg3R

Flexible Steel USA - April 24
Register here: bit.ly/35EARRh

Flexible Steel International

1 week 5 days ago

It has become a yearly tradition to set ourselves new goals for the coming 12 months. For some it’s a start of a long journey towards desired skills. For others, it’s merely a formality to achieve their goals. While the advanced will want to take their abilities to the next level.

The Flexible Steel 5 – featuring Andżelika Stefańska-Kowalik from Poland, member of the international FSIS team

All the below moves are high-level techniques that require both strength and flexibility. Please, understand these are our flagship, end-range movements, but inside Flexible Steel we have progressions for each that will allow even the most inflexible student to safely begin training at his or her current level.

1️⃣ Split Press
The move that started it all. Get into a front split or martial arts split and press a kettlebell. Gold standard weight: men 32kg, women 20kg. Introduced into the system by Jon Engum.
2️⃣ The Gauntlet
Very challenging combination movement that includes a pike, straddle, and cobra, and the reverse of these moves. Introduced into the system by Patrice Remarck.
3️⃣ The Gazelle
Front split switches done between boxes using as much leg strength to rise up as possible. Introduced to the system by Jon Engum.
4️⃣ The Split Up
Front split combined with a push-up. Introduced to the system by Andżelika Stefańska-Kowalik.
5️⃣ The Loaded Frog
Part armbar, part get-up, and part frog. Inspired by Mike Perry’s get-up variation, developed by Jon Engum and Louka Kurcer.

We encourage you to try one or all exercises from Flexible Steel 5. Keep us posted on your results!

Flexible Steel International

Flexible Steel International

2 weeks 1 hour ago

New Year is the best time for resolutions – training ones included. If flexibility, mobility and strength are on your 2020 list - Flexible Steel will gladly assist.

You definitely need to see video material on Flexible Steel Fundamentals available on DVD, online or for download: extremetraining.store/products/flexible-steel-fundamentals

In Instructors section on our website you will find our Flexperts: www.flexiblesteel.com/instructor-team/
By contacting us you have a great opportunity to experience 1 on 1 trainings, group trainings or organized Flexible Steel introductory workshops.

One of the best ways to develop your skill and expertise in building flexibility, mobility and strength is taking part in Flexible Steel Instructor Certification. Upcoming dates and locations can be checked from Events section: www.flexiblesteel.com/event/


Flexible Steel International

2 weeks 3 days ago

Drop your 2020 goals in the comments below!

Flexible Steel International

2 weeks 5 days ago

Flexible Steel International shared a post.

Flexible Steel International

Flexible Steel International

3 weeks 5 hours ago

#FlexibleSteelTip from Pavel Macek, Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist (Czechia 🇨🇿):

Get Certified

Join the ranks of the Flexible Steel team of flexibility experts!

Learn the Flexible Steel system of body hacks that will allow you to show your students instant plateau shattering results in both strength and flexibility.

Get hands on instruction and be assured that you can implement the system safely and effectively.

Join the ranks of our International Flexible Steel Instructors for instant recognition and client referrals. See our team of experts HERE Receive the coveted and detailed Flexible Steel Instructor Manual that has all the formulas for unlocking troublesome stubborn inflexibility that is sapping your movement and power.

Learn Progressions and Regressions that make sense to everyone. Techniques that will benefit the stiffest clients all the way to teaching the most amazingly flexible students to be even more strong and flexible. The system is scalable to pretty much all populations of clients. This is money in your pocket.

Click HERE for information about becoming Flexible Steel.


A Step By Step Instruction Manual For Flexibility “When it comes to flexibility Jon Engum knows his stuff.  I had the opportunity to learn these techniques directly at one of his flexibility workshops where the results were literally instant and dramatic.  Jon Engum’s Flexible Steel is the most direct approach to effective flexibility I’ve found anywhere.  It’s a concise step-by-step manual that eliminates all the guess work.  A structured approach to stretching that tells the student exactly what stretches to do, in what order, and for exactly how many reps and sets.  If you want a no-nonsense instruction without fluff for instant and dramatic gains in flexibility, this is it.  You body will thank you, your competition will respect you and your clients will love you.” – John Scott Stevens, RKCII, CK-FMS, 5th degree black belt Taekwondo

Flexible Steel Book

A Simple System of Secrets for Regaining Your Youthful Mobility and Mastering the Art of Flexible Strength

Flexible Steel Book

7th Degree Black Belt and Taekwondo Grandmaster, Jon Engum currently displays an uncanny combination of flexibility and whipcord strength. Jon moves with speed, suppleness and enviable power—a model to his younger students

and a terror to those who face him in a fight.

But it wasn’t always this way. Because there was a time of crisis in Jon’s martial career where he began to lose his edge—from the effects of aging, plus the wear and tear of constant combat.

This book reveals the complete “Flexible Steel” system Jon Engum developed to regain and maintain his edge as a fighter. But even more importantly, Flexible Steel can give you the most priceless gift of all: the freedom to move, pain-free, with easy power, graceful strength and a sense of fluid well being.

Signed by the Author order HERE

Flexible Steel eBook order HERE


Flexible Steel is my favorite stretching book.  Jon Engum reached his forties before he reached his first split.  Follow his remarkable journey and achieve the flexibility you never thought possible.” – Pavel Tsatsouline

Masterful “Just finished reading Jon Engum’s new book Flexible Steel.  It is excellent explanation of both the methodology of stretching and how to apply it into your own program to safely, quickly and effectively take your flexibility to places you never thought possible.  It is the perfect companion to Pavel’s Relax into Stretch.” – David Whitley, “Iron Tamer Dave”


Flexible Steel  Instructor Certifications & Flexible Steel Indian Clubs Specialty certifications (click on the event location below to register)


February 23      Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Seoul, ROK

March 7               Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Taipei City, Taiwan

March 9              Flexible Steel Level 2 Instructor Cert—Taipei City, Taiwan

March 28-29    Flexible Steel Indian Club Instructor Cert—Seoul, ROK

April 24                Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Chicago, IL 

May 23                  Flexible Steel Instructor Cert-Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico

June 20                Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Oakland, CA

June 20                Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Belfast, Ireland

July 24                  Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Johannesburg, South Africa

October 10        Flexible Steel Instructor Cert—Krakow, Poland

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